The 3rd Case Study in Building Strip Planked Boats is the Petrel.

The Petrel is a fully realized, high performance modern sea kayak with strong traditional roots. It is intended for paddling in rough, exposed reefs and headlands while still being fun for exploring calm, sheltered bays and estuaries. Its form draws heavily from the original skin-on-frame kayaks built by the Inuits of Greenland, while adapting to needs of a modern paddler.

In this case study I gave it the complete showboat treatment with book matched strips and no staples. If the Coot is an example of Strip-building 101 this is more of a graduate level treatment. You could certainly get a beautiful, usable boat without going all out as I did on this one, but I hope it is useful to see some ways to take your work to the next level. I’ve no doubt that there are several levels available above what I did here. I tried to maintain perspective on building a boat intended to be used.