Strip planked construction process for a wood strip canoe

The second case study in Building A Strip Planked Boat is Nymph.

Although it is a pocket-sized little boat, the Nymph shares a lot in common with other canoes. The goal of the book is to show you a variety of techniques for building cedar strip boats, so you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to build any kind of small boat.

Nymph includes bending laminated stems, creating a feature line in the hull shape and dealing with tight turns. With these techniques and others in the book, there isn’t any strip-built boat situation you couldn’t deal with.

My intention with this design was to build as minimal, light weight and easy to handle a single person boat as possible. Using 1/8” thick hardwood strips, I’ve kept the weight down to about 15 pounds. There is not much to this boat, it is a hull with gunwales, one thwart and a seat, but it does the trick for getting a small (<150 lbs) paddler out on the water.

Light weight and easy to